mentorship program


The Dhillon Business Students’ Association would like to invite you to participate in our Student Mentorship program! Our vision for this project is to join a first or second year student with a student in their third year and beyond.


This is an opportunity for students to CONNECT with each other via email, phone, Zoom, etc. to share stories, tips and experiences on a variety of topics such as

Academic Advice

How to get the most out of your university degree.

Having Fun

Available student experiences in and around campus and the Lethbridge area.

Course Suggestions

Share previous class & professor experiences.

Campus Secrets

Discuss the best place to study around campus.

1st and 2nd Years

We know going into university can be a pretty intimidating experience with tons of questions. We want to make starting your first years at ULeth as easy and fun as possible – why not do it with help from a new friend who already knows all the ropes!

3rd, 4th and 5th Years

You’ve done it all; you’ve passed, you’ve failed, and you’ve learned tons along the way. Now that you know some pretty solid tips and tricks, let’s share them with someone just starting out. Plus, who doesn’t want a mentee to pass down all the campus hacks to?

Apply to be a Mentor or Mentee