So you want to join the Dhillon Business Students’ Association? We’d LOVE to have you! We have a great atmosphere, friendly and motivated people, and a bunch of excellent opportunities to learn/enhance your business and academic skill sets!


My time spent as the VP Events for the DBSA tremendously enhanced my university career, developed everlasting friendships and professional connections, and taught me there is more to life than profit. The skills I developed during my tenure are what landed me my first major role out of university. I encourage you to find your purpose, improve your skills and help other students, by applying today.”
Jordan Shirakawa, DBSA Alumn
The Dhillon Business Students’ Association has been one of the best experiences for me during my time at University. There is so much to gain from the DBSA through volunteer work, leadership and practical skills, hands on experience and the chance to meet new people. Joining the DBSA was the best decision I made throughout my degree and I had such a great time taking part in something that gives back so much.
Travis Slomp, VP Members & Alumni Relations, CABS
The Dhillon Business Students’ Association (DBSA) is outstanding. You have a group of dedicated young professionals who provide so many value-added opportunities for not only our students but also all our stakeholders. If I were a Dhillon School of Business student I would attend as many events as I could that the DBSA puts on and try to get involved with them. They provide so much value to the School and are an essential component of the Dhillon School of Business experience. Get involved with the DBSA and you’ll have so much fun and develop connections that will last a lifetime.
Dan Kazakoff, HRLR Faculty
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